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Jan. 19th, 2013



The castle experiences some minor malfunctions, but life goes on (read: Bruce and Kal still bicker).

The castle shuddered, groaned, and sank to the ground dramatically. Collapse )


fics coming, others to arrive separately

A long while ago, I toyed with the idea of doing a series of analyses of my writing. Collapse )

Jan. 5th, 2013


Life Lessons from Martin Freeman

It occurs to me that all John Watson (the BBC version of him, anyway) had to do in order to begin a life of adventure and become an Internet sensation was to create a blog, post absolutely nothing in it, and comment on his boring life.

Similarly, Bilbo Baggins' only actions prior to his own adventure were unobtrusive and respectable to the point of blandness.

Arthur Dent, well... As I recall, he had an ordinary job, lived in an ordinary job, and went about life as ordinarily as can be.

Except that his only real friend was an alien.

And Bilbo had been acquainted since childhood with one of the most powerful wizards in Middle Earth.

And John's old colleague knew a man named Sherlock Holmes who was looking for a flat.

What I'm trying to say is that the course of a person's life is in large part determined by the people that person surrounds him/herself with. A perfectly ordinary existence can become extraordinary with the introduction of a single new character. And the funny thing about these characters, like the ones I've mentioned above, is that it's impossible to know their full measure until the point when your life pivots around them and takes off in a completely different direction.

People are fantastic, and all of them are secretly awesome—or openly awesome—in one way or another.

I've made few resolutions for this new year, but one of the ones I have made is to take more of an active role in reaching my aspirations. That's kind of broad, but in my case, I'm applying it first and foremost to exploring the world of writing and hopefully finding a place in it. That's the reason this journal exists, after all: I'm taking an active role in improving my writing. With a great deal of luck, I'll also be interacting with awesome people and finding that my life is more of an adventure than I realized.

This is the pre-adventure stage (which I struggled mightily not to capitalize). This is the stage during which I write crap, have no idea what I'm doing (as if I ever will!), and bluster around like a bath-robed Martin Freeman character.

If you're here, whether because I've reached out to you in some way (left a review, commented on a post, asked permission to illustrate something, requested to friend you) or by pure chance, please feel free to stick around. I hope to one day leave the 'pre-adventure' phase and enter the 'adventure' phase, and who knows—you could be the one to make that happen!